About Music Park

Music Park - All instruments under one roof

Music Park is a name familiar to music lovers of Kerala for last 21 years. Most of their searches for rare music titles ended up in this very same showroom in Thrissur. It was in 2001, Baiju C.A. started Music park - The exclusive music showroom at Thrissur. Soon this shop became a destination for buying all kind of Music recordings. As technology went ahead music cassettes became CDs, VCDs, DVDs and Blueray. The trend changed from audio files to mp3s. Music park was the one among the earliest shops introduced these changes of technology to Kerala.

Music industry was not new for Baiju C.A when he started Music Park as his own music production company Sargam Musics was established in 1993 and by the time he opened this shop Sargam Musics was one among the leading Music Production Companies in Kerala. Sargam Musics is continuing in this position till date with more than 480 titles to its credit. Its a pleasure to share the information, that the legendary musician of Kerala Shri. K. J. Yesudas along with Shrimati Prabha Yesudas inaugurated Sargam Musics and both Music Park showrooms.

Music park is still the biggest music shop of the state where you can select your favorite musics from a collection of above 1100 titles. As time went along people around the state started coming up here with all kind of queries related to music. Though many schools in this area was paying attention for giving music training to their students, the absence of a shop where they can buy reliable and quality music instruments were a big hurdle. Thus the thought for opening a music instrument shop surfaced, where sales and service can be provided.

In 2013 Music Park, the music instrument shop got established. This shop is the biggest music instrument shop in Kerala now. Music Park - All instruments under one roof; this name itself says what Music park is capable of. Sargam Music was traveling ahead of their competitors by claiming its online presence for last one decade. Now Music Park is also extending their services through this website www.musicparktsr.com. By launching this website, Music Park want to reach out to their clients even more better and offer their services around the clock.

Music Park is not only selling Music Instruments but also keen about providing proper service to them. Our services section is not only limited to those products brought through us.